90 Day Transformation Program

90 Days Transformation Program: This program offers 90 days of 1:1 health advising with Vanessa, and up to 12 weekly sessions (live or virtual). In this comprehensive and thorough program you will learn how to not only implement but also sustain a WFPB lifestyle. The 90-day Transformation program begins with a comprehensive review of your current lifestyle and eating habits. Vanessa will then develop a personalized program that you will follow daily in order to crush your goals! -- All while learning how to live life as a WFPB eater. The pace of this program will be adjusted to meet your individual needs, to achieve your goals within your comfort zone. This sets the foundation for optimal success. Your program is reevaluated throughout the course of the 90 days, as needed or monthly. Upon completion of the 90-day program, you should be independent in your new WFPB lifestyle and reaping the many benefits.


Program Includes:

  • 60-minute initial consultation
  • Personalized 90-day program
  • Free book or cookbook tailored to your personal needs
  • Free insulated water bottle
  • Video chat with your Health Advisor
  • Video chat with other members of Thyme to Thryve
  • Cooking demos
  • Up to 12 weekly advising calls or cooking sessions with Vanessa (in person only for Ventura or surrounding area residents--virtual cooking sessions available for long distance clients)
  • Unlimited email and text
  • Green drink tutorial
  • Accountability tracker
  • Weekly Recipes
  • Members access to a private Facebook support group
  • Resources needed to maintain your new WFPB lifestyle!

Price for personalized 90 day program with Vanessa Klein: $1179


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